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Bike rider

100 + Best biker status – Quotes Status – Bike Lover Status 2020 Amezing Quotes


Welcome on this post this post only for Biker status Specially for the bike rider. who love bike riding and specially the men,s are totally crazy and intrested in bikes. they love to ride Everybike – and we bring amezing quotes status for the bike rider . then you must read this whatsapp status available for you .

Best bike status you will amaze (Biker status)


biker status
biker status
biker status
biker status
biker status
biker status



01. Run the Race of life set for you with all your best


02. dont complete with anyone in the race of life complete with yourself


03. #cheating is #not an #accident #guys, #Falling of a #bike is an #accident


04. No road is to long when you have good company


05. save some money go for ride with your bike


06. Drop the Gear and Disappear


07. whata beautiful day with my bike riding


08. #i look my #best when i take my #helmet off after a long #motorcycle ride . #   I have a glow and a bit of #helmet hair


09. winning a race will give you satisfaction with the fast breathing.


10.  I love to jump with my bullet bike but trouble begins when i land it.


11.  i am sad because i have to enjoy a vacation witout my bike.


12.  i and my bike is hot you want ride.















Best bike status you can show


1. # you – can,t buy #happiness but you can buy #bike and that’s pretty close “

2. i don,t ride a bike to add days to my life, i ride a bike to add life to my days “

3. #Dirt is my #makeup , #Race #fuel is my #perfume

04. i don’t like people driving fast, that’s why overtake them

05. by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail , bike riders.

06. Four wheels move the body . two wheels move the soul



Bike Rider Status Quotes shayari in hindi


  • हम Rider लोग है साहेब  Ladkiyo पर नहीं road पर मरते है


  • #बस और कार में तो #बहुत से लोग #बैठ सकते है पर #मेरी #बाइक पर मेरी
    #Life #Partner ही बैठेगी।


  • मैं कुछ भी शेयर कर सकता हू। ……… पर bike नहीं कर सकता .


  • ब्रेक तू बहाना है लड़की को गले जो लगाना है.


  • हम जब सड़क पर बाइक लेकर चलते है तो
    थोड़ी रिस्क होती है पर एक गर्लफ्रेंड भी fix होती है

biker status
biker status
biker status
biker status






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